What is the Cost to Paint a House in Sudbury?

We often get calls from our customers asking, “I have a 2000 square feet house, how much will it cost to have it painted?” Unless the scope of work is painting the floors, it’s tough to come up with a price without measuring all the areas and assess the level of prep needed.  

Many variables can influence the price of a painting project: Is the home located in the city or the outskirts? Will it be empty or occupied? Are there high or hard to reach areas? Is there water damage? Are any of the areas in need of extensive repair/drywall replacement? Is there a rush to the project?

How do painters come up with their prices?

To get an accurate price for painting the interior of your home, the estimator has to know the room sizes (length, height, and width) and the number of windows and doors and their size. The estimator needs to figure out the amount of paint and materials required, and if there is any equipment to be rented for that specific job.

There are a couple of different ways a professional painting company will use this data to come up with a price. One way to get a consistent, accurate price is by charging a fixed price per square footage of walls and ceilings, linear feet for trim and number of windows and doors. Another way of estimating is by measuring and counting what needs to be painted (including the time required to do the prep and other tasks). Then based on the company’s production rates, calculate how much time (hours) the job will take. Multiplying the number of hours required to complete the project by the company’s hourly rates, will give the estimator an accurate price for his company.

And then there are the “guessing estimators” who will come into your home, look around, and come up with a price based on “experience.” Although sometimes the guess is close, these companies are usually the ones ending up asking for more money at the end of the job because they missed something or the job took longer than they thought it would.

Additionally, surface preparation is essential for the success of any paint job. Large holes, cracks (especially in the ceilings), cleaning smoke stains or grease from walls and ceilings, wallpaper removal, damaged tape repair, water damage and water stains, skim coating an entire wall or ceiling, patching nail holes and caulking the trim will require more time and will add to the cost of the project.

Moving furniture, removing window coverings and objects from the walls will also attract additional charges.

What is the right paint for my home?

With thousands of colours available, different sheens for every room, eco-friendly low VOC water-based paints have become the new norm. There are a lot of great choices out there and for the price of $50-$60 per gallon you can get a good mid-grade paint. Although you might be thinking that “paints are all the same,” the more expensive top-of-the-line paints provide some added benefits. Better colour coverage, low odour, mildew resistance, and high washability (even in matte finishes) are just a few of them.

If you are thinking about using the more expensive paints, be prepared to pay between $80 – $100 per gallon from manufacturers like Benjamin Moore.

With labour being your biggest expense, we recommend that you use the best quality your budget allows. Our favourite paint is Benjamin Moore Regal Select.

So what will be the Cost of Painting the Interior of my Sudbury Home?

Our average interior home painting project in Sudbury looks like this:

 2500 square foot, two storey home, between 5 and 25 years old with 8 feet high ceilings, no major repairs needed, and the house is lightly furnished.

Areas to be painted are as follows:

  • Entrance
  • Open concept kitchen, living-dining room
  • Staircase and landing area
  • Three bedrooms
  • One bathroom and a powder room
  • Family room in the basement 
  • Laundry room
  • Mudroom

The scope of work includes two coats of paint on the walls, two coats of paint on the ceilings, and one coat of paint on the trim, doors, and window frames.

Our price for painting the walls of the above house with that specific scope of work will be between $3500 and $4500 plus the cost of the paint. Add in the ceilings, and you are looking at around $5500 depending on their height and texture. The cost of painting the doors, door frames, window frames and baseboards will bring you over $6500 depending on their style and size.

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How much does it Cost to Paint an Average Room or a Bedroom?

An average room or bedroom in Sudbury is about 12’x12,’ and the ceiling height is 8 feet.

Exceptional Painting Inc. would paint the walls of a room like that for $300 plus the cost of the paint. If the ceilings are 10 feet or higher, the price will go up by 20%, and if it’s more than 12 feet, you can expect to pay an extra 30% or more. 

 Two coats of flat white paint on a non-textured ceiling will cost you approximately $120 (paint included). A heavy textured ceiling or “popcorn” ceiling can double the price, depending on the overall condition of the texture, and if it’s been previously painted or not.

An average size simple closet will add $50 plus the cost of the paint. For a linen closet or a large closet, the price will be about $80 plus the cost of the paint. 

Walk-in closets, depending on size and difficulty of working around the shelving, can cost as much as the room itself.

What is the Cost to paint my Kitchen?

Most people believe the cost of painting the kitchen will be significantly less than painting a bedroom due to the fact the cabinets are covering most of the wall space.

The reality is that it requires the same amount of time or more to paint a kitchen than it would to paint any other room in your house. Getting in behind the fridge and stove is uncomfortable and painting the bulkheads around your cabinets requires above-average skills.

Our price to paint a kitchen can range from $250 to $500 plus the cost of paint depending on the size and level of difficulty.

What is the Average Cost to Paint the Bathroom and Laundry Room?

The bathroom is usually one of the most challenging and time-consuming areas to paint. From peeling ceilings caused by moisture to non-paintable silicone around the cabinets, shower or bathtub, painting the bathroom is one of the least favourite places for any painter to work in. Not to mention that getting up-close and personal with your toilet, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Laundry rooms come in a close second. Most of the time, the space behind the washer and dryer is minimal, and it often requires moving them around to get to the walls.

Exceptional Painting Inc. will paint two coats of paint on the average bathroom and laundry room walls for $300 plus the cost of the paint. Painting the ceiling will add an extra $75 (paint included).

For a small powder room, the walls will cost between $200 to $250 plus the cost of paint, while the ceilings will be approximately $50 (paint included).

How much does it cost to paint a door, baseboards or window frames?

The doors and the door frames are some of the most time-consuming elements to paint in a home. Usually, the doors require a higher sheen finish (pearl or semi-gloss) and a higher level of skill is needed to get an even, fine-finish without any lap marks.

Our cost to paint a regular raised panel door and a simple frame is $50 per coat (paint included). French-style doors and casing will cost you anywhere from $100 to $150 per coat (paint included) depending on the size.

Painting baseboards is a very meticulous process and often very hard on the knees. The cost to paint the baseboards in an average bedroom is approximately $40 per coat (paint included).

The windows in most houses these days are made from materials like PVC that don’t require painting. The trim around it, however, is made out of wood or MDF. The cost to paint the trim around an average size window is $25 per coat (paint included).

For the more complex windows that are made entirely out of wood and have to be painted up to the glass, the cost starts at $50 per coat (paint included).

The above prices are informative and can change at any time.

Whether you are looking to paint one room or your entire home, we would love to come to meet you and give you a free, no-obligation estimate. Please call us at (705) 698-5702 or email us at office@ExceptionalPainting.ca.

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